From Izola, I took a boat to Piran. Swigging whiskey in the rain, I watched the mediterranean landscape disappear behind me and as Piran became closer, I couldn't take my eyes off the pretty Venetian style buildings.

To lessen the impact of the sun, I walked in the shade of the buildings lining the narrow cobbled streets and noticed the washing people had put out to dry there. I peeked inside a number of churches and then after that found myself gazing at the sea, over the rooftops of Piran.

Creeping into the Adriatic Sea while in Piran and then later, in Portoro┼ż seemed necessary to cool down. Just off the shore, I watched the houses rise in Croatia, only about three miles away, while I swam towards them.
The valleys were always draped with thick layers of forests and were so deep it was sometimes hard to tell where they ended. Rows of houses clung to the slanted clearings and when up close, around them you could watch the alpine meadows strewn with long wavy grass and blue, pink, purple and yellow flowers vigorously swaying, drooping, in the wind. The mountains meandered dreamily amongst the clouds, peak after peak, watching over the villages, part of the background.

"Fairytale land", the tour guide said, "fairytale land".

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With a mouthful of blueberry schnapps, I peered down at the the lake from the castle and the views were astounding. Shops amongst the ramparts sold herbs, handmade paper and gigantic bottles of 'Adam' wine that the shop owner would slash open with a sword.
It was on the demure blue-green lake that the crowd of flies hovered, the flickering of their rippled reflections invoking a frenzy of mass motion. As the light dimmed, the lilypads began to resemble sequins.

Cute cygnets wandered around the edge of Lake Bled near to a sign indicating that harrassing swans is a criminal offence.

Situated on the lake was an island (Blejski Otok), with bells ringing loudly at the Church of the Assumption.

A triangle-shaped hole had been carved into a tree stump and if you looked through it, a red and white castle (Blejski Grad) could be seen on a steep cliff, crammed amongst the trees.

My holiday in Slovenia had begun and the weather was fine.


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