We visited the Lego Museum on the Sunday and it had Lego dating back to the 1950s, as well as models of landmarks, such as Tower Bridge (London), and the Charles Bridge (Prague), with Lego punks on it. It also had lots of Star Wars Lego and Lego aeroplanes and Lego dragons and Lego clowns and so on.

We then tried out the spa at the hotel, which was relaxing.

That evening we went to another vegetarian restaurant - Maitrea, and drank very thick hot chocolate, and I ate kimchi and goulash with dumplings. I was unfortunately too full to try guarana ice-cream for dessert.

Lego Museum:
Lego Wall

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More photos on Flickr: Prague.
On the Saturday that we were in Prague, [livejournal.com profile] deathboy and I went up the Žižkov Television Tower. It was a futuristic looking tower with giant black babies crawling up it, by the artist, David Černý.

At the top, there were excellent views over Prague, and a photography exhibition. There were also swinging pod chairs with piped sounds, and you could lean back and stare at the rooftops from them.

That night, we wandered, and drank zombie cocktails at the Zombie Bar and at the Comics Museum bar.

Žižkov Television Tower and the Bata shop:
Žižkov Television Tower Bata
It was a Friday in Prague, and she was wearing stripey tights, and he was wearing a t-shirt that said "Jeep" on it.

They walked past a mass of padlocks, padlocked to railings on a bridge:

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The girl who was wearing the green dress ate little pink cakes with jam in for breakfast.

She wandered up a hill after that, accompanied by the boy who was wearing two watches, and they reached the Písek Gate. They stared at the faces on the outside, and the red horse inside:


The sun shone brightly and the pollen count was rising. The girl who was wearing the green dress looked for Cubist houses and then started to sneeze. The boy who was wearing two two watches took panoramic photos of the park they stood in, and they both admired the view.

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The walls were a space age green and gold, with the texture of bubble-wrap, at Malostranská Station in Prague.

[livejournal.com profile] deathboy and I walked out of the station, dragging our suitcases behind us across the cobbled streets.

(I felt like such a proper grown up, owning a suitcase, as opposed to carrying a rucksack.)

In the hotel we stayed in were a number of half-tables, as if half of the table was in one room and the other half in another room entirely.

Malostranská Station


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