That night, I was taken to a frozen lake, which was covered with a thick layer of snow, and in the distance I saw a reindeer, and in the sky, a brief appearance of the northern lights, a single streak that soon vanished.

It was cold that night and my hair became frosty as I looked up at the stars. The snow glistened in the lights of my head lamp.

Then, on the way back to Tromsø, the aurora borealis became visible again.

"Bellissimo!" one of my fellow travellers repeated excitedly, "bellissimo!"

And then, at about 4AM, when I returned to my hotel room, I saw a ship outside the window, the MS Trollfjord, but before I could photograph it, it sailed away.
I went snow-shoeing amongst snow covered trees and gosh, it all looked so pretty.

I very much enjoyed snow-shoeing and the trees were bowed with the heaviness of the snow and the light was soft and pink and blue, and it seemed magical, wandering through the deep snow in the forest. The guide told us that hanging from the tree branches was troll hair, and gave us lefse to eat.

Photo taken by Tromsø Outdoor:

On Wednesday, I managed to say my room number in Norwegian! Sju hundre og ti.

I walked to the beach, past pedestrian crossing signs which had pedestrians with wings, and around the coast, which was pretty and snowy, and I stared at the distant mountains.

Then later that day, I played on the swings in the most northerly botanic garden in the world, which was covered in deep snow.

Last Tuesday night, I saw the aurora borealis and it was totally amazing!

The sky glowed with swirls of white, tinted with green and pink, but in photos, it all looks more green and even more dreamy. The lights danced and twisted and twirled, and looked like dragons, a piano being played, ribbons, a laser beam, fireworks, and heaven. Oh, it was wonderful.

Aurora Borealis
I had an amazing time on holiday in Tromsø, Norway! Tromsø is in the Arctic, but the sun does rise at this time of year. On February 2nd, sunrise was at 9.22 and sunset was at 14:35.

It was a very pretty place, covered in snow. From my hotel window I had a nice view of the harbour and mountains.

I arrived on Monday night and wandered around the town, and then on Tuesday, I caught a boat.

The boat sailed around the fjords and I saw many humpback whales and a few orcas. The moment when a whale flips its tail up seems magical! Also, it snowed. :)


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