Lego Christmas Tree
Last Sunday, I went to the Power of Making exhibition at the V&A, ate chestnut ice-cream, and went to St Pancras International to see the Lego Christmas tree.
I ate ice-cream that was purity and danger flavoured that evening. It would come as no surprise if that evening I became pure and dangerous, as the week before I had become enchanted. That was the way ice-cream worked.

The music playing in the café suddenly sounded like it was all being played backwards.

I had written about 3000 words that evening, bringing my word count up to 41783 words.
She ate the enchanted ice-cream and wondered what would happen next. Would she become enchanted? The ice-cream had lumps of gingerbread in it, and tasted vaguely like white chocolate.

She wrote more than 3000 words that night, typing frantically on her netbook. The airship crashed, but it was imaginary, and the smell of plumeria filled the air.

This LiveJournal will be ten years old in January.
Along Cowley Road, looked for pavement jewellery and saw about half of the ingots. The busy pavements are adorned with little bronze plaques, which caused me to frequently get in the way of people as I looked for them. "Saving one starfish makes a difference" one said. Others had bees, question marks, rollerskates with wings, and one said "No more blood".

There's also a puzzle in it somewhere, but I didn't have much idea of what that was about.

More details and a map of where they are

Photos of most of the pavement jewellery

It felt odd scanning the pavements for the pavement jewellery, almost like working, where I spend my time scouring software for bugs. The opposite of jewels, I suppose, but still somehow like hidden treasures to be found.

After that I ate pistachio ice-cream at G&Ds and met up with [ profile] eldritchreality. We then went to the Pink Giraffe and I ate butterfly crackers and tofu in Pink Giraffe sauce, and a fortune cookie told me to make time for myself, or something like that.


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