Wandering around the mountains on a Tuesday, I stumbled across an adventure playground. I climbed onto the seat and held on tightly, and whoosh, the zip wire swept me across the mountains. That day, I also remember seeing more waterfalls, the water trickling prettily down the mountains. I remember Mürren, Gimmelwald, Stechelberg, Allmendhubel, and travelling by funicular.

Photos on Flickr: 18th September.
Schynige Platte
On the Monday I was in Switzerland, I took the cogwheel train from Wilderswil to Schynige Platte, looked at the edelweiss in the Alpine garden, and then wandered around the mountains, staring down at the Brienzersee and the Thunersee, and walked over the scree and up to the top of Oberberghorn. The scenery was lovely.

After that, I got a train back to Interlaken and then a funicular up to Harder Kulm, for more great views, and a wander around the woods.

Photos on Flickr: 17th September.
Thun Castle
Inside the castle at Thun, I wandered around the museum and then climbed up to the top and stared out over Thun, at the church, and at the beautiful lake, and oh, perhaps at some mountains too.

I then took a boat across the lake and peered out at more castles before looking around Spiez.

More photos on Flickr: September 16th.
Aletsch Glacier
I travelled to the highest train station in Europe - Jungfraujoch, 3454 meters above sea level. The views were so great that it was almost like being on a plane. There was quite a lot of snow up there, as well as a glacier. There was also a snow palace, full of ice carvings. It was the mountains that I stared at the most though, such beautiful mountains.

Photos on Flickr: 15th September.
I jumped aboard a cable car to Männlichen on a Friday, and oh, the mountains! It was there that I swung on a swing on the top of a snow-covered mountain. From Männlichen, I then walked around the mountains to Kleine Scheidegg, trying to avoid admiring the transitional mires.

After that, I caught a train to Grindelwald and then another cable car, this time to First. Such mountains!

That night, the sky was clear and I gazed up at the Milky Way, and then saw four shooting stars.

Photos on Flickr, mostly of mountains: September 14th.
The rain stopped and then the clouds started to clear and the mountains began to appear.

In Lauterbrunnen, walking through the valley with the mountains surrounding me, I watched base jumpers appear in the sky, and then land nearby.

At Trümmelbachfälle, inside the mountain, I watched ten glacier waterfalls whooshing down the rocks, roaring, splashing.

In Interlaken, I wandered around the town, staring into shop windows at conkers made of chocolate, and of magical cards where dice turn into mushrooms. I also gazed into the greeny-blue river, trying to catch a peek at reflections of mountains.

Photos on Flickr: September 13th.
I arrived in Switzerland, sleep deprived, and the clouds had come down from the sky and nothing was to be seen from Wengen that Wednesday.

I did discover the panorama channel on TV though, which showed webcams on the tops of mountains and made for strangely compelling viewing, particularly when I was intending to go to the top of those mountains.

The highlight of Wednesday was probably the apple strudel, which apparently caused my pupils to dilate when I ate it, it was that good.


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