1. To be able to run away from zombies. (Zombieland Rule #1 - Cardio.)

2. For your wishes to come true. (Chester has steps leading down from the city walls, which if you run up, then down, then up again, without taking a breath, you can make a wish and it will come true.)
Zombies will apparently shuffle along the streets of Melbourne on Saturday May 9th 2009 at 1pm, starting at Carlton Gardens. I hope to be a zombie, but what kind of zombie should I be?
Due to it being St George's Day, I had an urge to play with the knights and dragons that surround my desk. I'd let the dragon win, of course.
A butterfly flew by as I paddled in the sea during my lunch-break.
As part of my job, I had to decide whether God was a person, a concept or a thing.
I think I saw a wishing well out of the train window. Perhaps at Hampton.
ReculverNoah's ArkMargate
Wandering on beaches, such as Reculver, Margate (and Dreamland).
Walking briefly through the New Forest after having driven for days on end.
Reading Un Lun Dun by China MiƩville, and The Gum Thief by Douglas Coupland.
Commuting and feeling like I was going crazy.
Dying my hair Volcano Red.
Getting so lost, I wandered all night around Leyton.
Finding a caterpillar at the Coldrum Longbarrow. Apparently, Coldrum might mean "Place of enchantments".
Visiting Noah's Ark.
Seeing Neil Gaiman and Susanna Clarke in conversation.

I remember zombies, who met outside St Paul's Cathedral and walked to Hoxton:
Zombies with pineapples on leads and tea-strainers for eye-patches, zombies clawing at restaurant windows, zombies looking out over the Thames, zombies in wedding dresses, zombies dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller, zombie workmen, zombies with scuba gear, zombies rolling around the floor, zombie children with mouldy bread in their baskets, zombie skaters, zombies gnawing on clothing, cute long-haired zombie boys, zombies with hot water bottles and rollers in their hair, zombies lacking arms and zombies with extra arms, zombies with alarm clocks around their necks, zombie nurses and zombie Snow Whites, and zombies stopping cars and zombies on buses (via Vauxhall). Photos on Flickr: Zombies.
I remember shuffling through the graveyard to get home after that.

I remember Zone D:
Tube walk 44 - from Chesham to Chalfont and Latimer. Abandoned doors, boarded up buildings with turrets, trees with numbers, rivers, swamps, rusted machinery, waterfalls, houses covered in leaves, mansions, and sheep made out of wood.

Tube Walk 44Tube Walk 44WaterfallTree


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