Dreams: Zombies were chasing me.

Reality: A woman walked backwards while holding flowers.
Reality: I baked caramel-apple-spice cupcakes using a recipe from Veganomicon.
Reality: Sugar-coated glasses.

Reality: Saturday in Oxford with [livejournal.com profile] tackline and Marios. There were astrolabes, meteorites, old maps of Oxford, videos of people riding turtles, and someone dancing in a Yoda mask.

Reality: On Sunday, I saw Daniel Kitson's The Interminable Suicide of Gregory Church and that made me want to write letters.

Dreams: I was eating orchids.
Last night, I dreamt I was rubbing out a drawing, that I had drawn.

There were also drawings of seahorses next to tall buildings. I did not draw those though.


On Friday, the clouds were very pretty and I could not take my eyes off the sky again.

The sky had turned grey by lunchtime though and as I wandered through the meadow, I felt sad that the butterflies, ladybirds, grasshoppers and hogweed bonking beetles have all gone now. I did notice the birds more than I usually do though, and listened to birds singing, saw a jay, and then watched a woodpecker pecking wood. I need these kind of moments.
It was half my lifetime ago now that I first read Microserfs by Douglas Coupland.

I dreamt last night that I really wanted to work in a soup kitchen. In my dream, I then looked on Twitter for the tag #thingstodobeforeyoudie or something like that.

It's really quite cold outside, but I found the swing had returned yesterday, so I just had to escape the office to play on it.
Light switches are often used in reality tests to tell if you're actually dreaming, because light levels tend to not be adjusted much in dreams.

Since studying ergonomics, I have wondered whether there is a design fault in dream light switches.

Light switches in the UK are usually pressed down for on, where as in the US, they are pressed up for on, so perhaps in dreams we press the light switches in the wrong direction? A solution for this could be to use a different kind of switch or perhaps one switch for on and one for off, but then they would need to be labelled, and reading can prove difficult in dreams.

One problem that I suspect hinders the functionality of dream light switches is insufficient mapping. Perhaps we are unable to mentally connect the light switch with the light in our dreams. A light-emitting source, such as a bulb you put in, that lights up immediately, when it is in the bendable lamp-post might help. Lamp-posts are quite dreamy. Is electricity the problem? Do candles work better in dreams? Fire causing light might seem more tangible than electricity in dreams.

Imagining a room getting brighter might seem problematic, so maybe you could use green bulbs and blue bulbs and bulbs that make stars float out from a lampshade, like fireflies. Or you could just go and catch the sun to light up your imaginary room.

Next time you attempt to light up your dreams, perhaps you will have designed the light switches better, so that your dream self can actually use them, but then how will you tell whether you are dreaming or not?


Jun. 14th, 2006 11:56 am
I dreamt I signed an official secrets act, declaring that I would never reveal my dreams. I may have already revealed too much.


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