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I celebrated the end of the year at a fantastic party at North Nineteen and saw lots of wonderful people.

I booked a holiday to Tromsø in Norway, for February, and I hope to see the northern lights, and maybe some whales, and perhaps learn to snowshoe.

I constructed a miniature Battersea Power Station out of steel, and London brutalist buildings from card.

[ profile] deathboy gave me a handbook on time travel.

I bounced on a lolo ball.

I dyed my hair with fuschia shock Manic Panic.

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What did you eat in 2015 that you’d never eaten before? What did you drink in 2015 that you’d never drunk before?

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Tortoiseshell and peacock butterflies fluttered past, and in the wood, the bluebells were starting to bloom and there were many wood anemones and dog violets.

I went to the London Hackspace and learnt to pick locks (for sport).

I used a 3D printer and made a stickmen necklace.

Life turned into a game! I played Silverpoint, which was at first a pattern matching game, but then became an alternate reality game. I searched for Chloe, uncovered more of the story by playing the game, received phone calls and emails, visited a creepy hairdresser, looked for what was lost, and then at the finale, was led by a hooded figure through the darkness.

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I saw Douglas Coupland and other speakers talking about the Extreme Present.
I walked up the pier in Herne Bay and stared at the sea.
I wandered on the beach in Tankerton and looked at the colourful beach huts.
I was given an excellent guided tour by [ profile] messy_hair_girl and visited Postman's Park, amongst other places in London.
I went to the Nordic Bar to celebrate [ profile] miss_newham's birthday.
I gazed out of the Skygarden, at the top of the Walkie Talkie building at the views of London.
I wandered through the parks of Twickenham and past the water nymphs, and visited the Orleans Gallery and saw paintings and photos of Richmond.
I attended Monika's citizenship ceremony at York House, and celebrated at Browns and the Cask.
I walked underneath the viaduct in Eynsford and shouted "echo!" into it and listened to the echoes.
I wandered around Richmond park, amongst the parakeets and deer, watching for the partial eclipse, but it was cloudy. I also hid inside trees there.
I ate porridge from the Porridge Cafe.
I saw The tale of the Princess Kaguya at the ICA cinema.
I went on holiday to Iceland. (See: posts about Iceland and photos on Flickr of Iceland.)
I celebrated Russell Hoban day by leaving a quote from one of his books in a phonebox. Russell Hoban Day - 2015.

I saw The Handsome Suit at the cinema with [ profile] doseybat and [ profile] ruthi, a Japanese film about a magical suit.

I went to Carroll/Fletcher gallery and saw art drawn by a computer, a picture drawn by eye tracking, and a video of facial recognition of Miss Universe. I also peered at photos in the Getty Images Gallery, and looked at photos of horses in the Photographers' Gallery.

I walked from Moorgate to Old Street on a tube walk, across the Barbican high walks and past fountains.

I jumped aboard a train that was going to London Waterlove, made a glowing Cheam sign using EL wire, and was given a Pebble watch face with changing poetry from [ profile] deathboy.

I wandered around parks in Enfield, and saw Big Hero 6 at the cinema.

I celebrated [ profile] fluffymark's birthday, [ profile] abigailb moving back to London, and [ profile] psych0naut visiting London, at the Pembury (the Pembo) one Sunday evening, and drank cucumber soda.

One Saturday, I bounced in an art gallery, while looking at marble dolphins.

I stared up at books floating above me in Leadenhall Market.

I looked at pictures of business men and words, such as "Your life is a perpetual insomnia", in an exhibition of Barbara Kruger's early work.

I saw A Strong Sweet Smell of Incense.

I ate dulce de leche ice-cream from an Argentinian ice-cream parlour, and it was delicious.

I heard some drumming and watched dragons dancing, celebrating Chinese New Year.

I walked to Holborn to see Tim Hunkin's Novelty Automaton. I probed an alien (and it probed me), I went on a mini-break, I saw the eclipse, and my library card was declared to be art!

I saw a woman trying to find a suitcase of money from the film Fargo, using maps she had sewn herself, in the Japanese film, Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter.

I looked at collections of things, such as old postcards, in the Magnificent Obsessions exhibition at the Barbican.

I attended a hack day in Nottingham, ate in a restaurant named Manga Sushi and imagined that eating there would turn me into a manga character, and then went on a ferris wheel.

I ate bibimbap in a Korean restaurant for the first time, and drank cinnamon punch.

I walked underneath the viaduct, and listened to the echo as I shouted "echo".

I booked a trip to Iceland.

On Animal Crossing, I was thrown a surprise party.

I celebrated my birthday at the seaside with my mum. We stared at Ladybird books in the De La Warr Pavilion at Bexhill, and watched the waves in Hastings. Foam danced across the beach in the wind, my own foam party.
I stared at a billboard:

I had fun in Croydon at Croydon Fun Weekend, run by [ profile] nou. I survived as a tailor in post apocalyptic Croydon and found some useful rags. I ate some vegan toffee apple cake, peered at strange vegetables in the market, watched [ profile] doseybat carrying sugar cane, and ate delicious food. I stared out at the good views from the car park, mistakenly opened an alarmed door door, circled the 50p building taking photos, travelled by tram, and went on a pub crawl. I saw drawings by an artist who draws in his sleep. I walked past pylons, gas works, the River Wandle, Croydon Palace, and a tree with shoes in it.

I listened to a talk about predicting the future at the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) meet up.

I spent January being vegan.

I met up with some Linux users at the Greater London Linux User Group at Ye Olde Cock Tavern.

I stared up at stalactites on platform 19 at Victoria Station.

I wandered around Tonbridge Park, and past Tonbridge Castle.

I drank a rosemary mojito at Benugo.

I used Google Cardboard. Virtual reality rollercoaster!

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