At Nine Worlds, I attended a copper and bronze clay jewellery making workshop, and made these copper clay pendants:

Copper clay pendants


Aug. 20th, 2017 08:06 pm
I'm so Dizzy, my head is spinning.

Poké Ball cross-stitch:

Poké Ball

Hand collage:

I've mostly been too busy to do National Art Making Month ([ profile] naarmamo) this year, but did manage some cross-stitch and a collage.

I tried following origami instructions to make Totoro, but didn't quite understand them, hence why Totoro is missing arms and feet. Next time maybe I'll try English instructions.
There was cleaning to do, so I collected cobwebs and dust in a jar:

Discarded contact lenses:

Contact lenses

Animated version, created using Processing.


Aug. 30th, 2015 08:22 am
Buttons found just outside Buckingham Palace:



Things seen or heard just outside Buckingham Palace:

Buckingham things
Here's some cross stitches I did a few weeks ago:


This is part of an Amiga kickstart screen, that appears when you first turn on an Amiga and haven't put a disk in. I made this to wear to the Amiga's 30th anniversary celebration in Peterborough.

Here are some lemmings:


I'm going to participate in [ profile] naarmamo (National Art Making Month) again in August, and attempt to make one thing a day. This may be art, crafts, or something else, but it's mostly just a chance for me to experiment with making different things. I treat it similarly to NaNoWriMo, using it as motivation to actually create something and not caring too much about quality.
Some of the things I did in August:

Walked from Limehouse to Shadwell, on a tube walk.
Went to Loncon 3 (science fiction convention).
Stayed in a hotel in Milton Keynes for a night.
Camped in a field in Bletchley for EMFCamp ("a UK camping festival for those with an inquisitive mind or an interest in making things: hackers, artists, geeks, crafters, scientists, and engineers.")
Saw the site of the world's first cash machine.
Time travelled to 1955 for Secret Cinema's showing of Back to the Future.

Attempted to make at least one piece of art a day for National Art Making Month ([ profile] naarmamo):

Days 1 - 3:
Made collages with sycamore helicopters
Took a photo of a reflection on a tube walk.
Played with a Chibitronics kit with LED stickers and conductive tape.

Made a grid of the approximate colours of doors to where I've lived: Doors.

Collected items on the way to or from work: Sweetcorn candles.

Completed an SF0 task: Personification - where I imagined what my toaster would be like if it was a person.

Took photos of lichen.

Learnt crochet at the London Hackspace: My attempts at crochet.

Created sketches in Processing to draw random walks, and then drew one with a pen on graph paper, determined by coin tosses: Random walks.

Random walk variations, created in Processing.

Attended a glitch art workshop at EMFCamp and created some glitch art. Glitch art workshop.

Made collages with beech nuts, furry material, drawings.
Drew random walks on paper with paint/cut out circles, and then with stickers, determined by dice rolls.
Attended a clay modelling session at Loncon 3 and made an alien face.
Took pencil rubbings of signs.
Made an origami mushroom.
Made a furry mouse creature.

NaArMaMo - More pictures.
More attempts at using Processing to create random walk variations, using different colours, etc. (Computer decides whether to draw left, right, up, or down.)

Random walk variations
I tossed coins to see what direction to draw a line in.

If it was heads + heads, I drew a red line going right.
If it was tails + tails, I drew a green line going left.
If it was heads + tails, I drew a blue line going up.
If it was tails + heads, I drew an orange line going down.

I also wrote a quick script in Processing to get the computer to do the same.

The computer can draw better than I can! Also, the computer did not have the problem that their orange pen was starting to turn a bit purply.



Aug. 13th, 2014 08:28 pm
Last Friday, I was taught how to crochet at the London Hackspace.

My attempts at crochet )
I completed an SF0 task: Personification.

It was a rainy day in London, and I was stuck at home, listening to the thunder outside and waiting for my landlady to arrive to look at a broken boiler.

I stared at a toaster and wondered what it would be like if it was perhaps a little more human.

The toaster is green and has toasted many slices of bread in its life. In fact, in this photo it is toasting a slice of bread, which I then ate with marmite smeared on it.


With the help of GIMP, I rearranged pieces of the toaster into a toaster creature:
Toaster creature

It didn't look very human though.

I started to draw and then added some toaster hair and toaster eyes and so on:

Toaster person
Items found on the way to or from work:

Sweetcorn Candles

(This idea was from the book How to be an explorer of the world by Keri Smith.)


Aug. 6th, 2014 11:05 pm

The squares are the approximate colours of doors to where I've lived, apart from the last two, which are the average colour made from combining the other colours.

What I did )
I'm participating in [ profile] naarmamo this month, and attempting to make one thing a day. It's a chance for me to experiment with making different things, and similarly to with NaNoWriMo, it motivates me to just create something, anything, and not care too much about the quality.

1st August - 3rd August )


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