I travelled by coach from Riga to Vilnius and on the coach was a device that allowed you to choose music to listen to, as if you were on a plane! There was a rock section and it felt great to be travelling through Latvia and Lithuania, staring at the unfamiliar countryside, with System of a Down's Chop Suey! playing, followed by Disturbed's Down With The Sickness.


Jan. 12th, 2012 10:08 pm
As I walked home, I got a sense that there was another version of me, just a few steps ahead of me, that was dancing and skipping along the street to the music I was listening to. I felt exhilarated by their dancing.


May. 20th, 2011 09:26 pm
Three unrelated things to do with music:

1. I recently read 17 by Bill Drummond. I actually went to the book tour for this book in 2008, but did not buy the book at the time. Not that I bought it this time either, but found it in my local library. "All recorded music has run its course". I like some of the scores, such as 8. Take.

2. I've recently been listening to music on a bright yellow cassette tape walkman. I won it for being the 100th member on Bang the Borum. Here's the thread, in case you are interested in reading what was in it: The 100th Member Hamper. It feels odd listening to a walkman again, as it is something I have not done in years.

3. The Beam Festival, on June 24th-26th 2011, at Brunel University, Uxbridge looks like it could be fun.

Not only are there sound performances, interesting kinetic installations, such as the Ethometric Museum (which I previously saw in Oxford), but also workshops such as Psychedelic D.i.Y. Toilet Roll Goggles with Ryan Jordan, which involves DIY hardware hacking and stroboscopic lights. There's also a game of Cruel 2 B Kind happening.
I listened to a record playing music from a glacier.

It was at the Artium, the Basque Museum-Centre of Contemporary Art, in Vitoria, Spain, that I heard this music.

The ice records were made by Katie Paterson, who recorded the sounds of glaciers in Iceland and re-froze water from the glaciers into records. The records were then played until they melted and they were filmed, so it was a recording of these that I watched and listened to in the gallery.
A group of people were led into the basement of the Museum of the History of Science in Oxford to see the Ethometric Museum.

Shelves contained numerous machines and people stood next to them while a woman explained that the purpose of the machines was not known.

A man wearing black moved from machine to machine, turning knobs, switching things on, so that bits of some machines began to spin, and as they did, music was created, sounds emerging from the machines.


Mar. 16th, 2011 03:26 pm
I won a hamper from Bang the Borum, which is exciting, and I am hoping it will contain interesting music (probably on cassette tapes). It was then that I realised I haven't been listening to enough interesting music recently. Being able to go to interesting gigs is one of the things I miss about not living in London.

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[livejournal.com profile] cementimental is helping out at the Meat Controllers Workshop on Saturday:

"A workshop in low life circuit bending, blasting, and building. Using the circuits from various electronic detritus and building your own circuitry, you will learn to create and construct psychotic synthesisers and noise machines. In the workshop you will use raw flesh or rotting meat as a resistor (vegan Tofu option available) for the creation of hybrid and mutated noise machines for use in live performances."

It sounds awesome, but I think the presence of rotting meat would probably make me feel sick, even if I was working with tofu instead, so am going to skip it.
Floating in the deep end of the swimming pool, I watch the clouds drift through the blue sky. My ears are submerged in the water and I can hear the music that is playing at the Wet Sounds gig at the London Fields lido. Although you can hear most of the music above water, there are certain sounds you can hear much more clearly underwater. Sometimes I see a faraway plane or a bird fly past, or a leaf falling from the sky, or I tread water for a while and watch the balloons bouncing around or the other people, floating with the aid of coloured foam, amongst the upside-down rubber ducks.

When Nurse with Wound perform, the sky has turned to grey and clouds have overtaken, and the water seems colder and colder, and I shiver. One song they play makes me think of being lost at sea, with ghost ships lurching and creaking nearby. Another song has words that you can barely hear if you are above water, but underwater, the words are audible and it's almost like the singer is eerily whispering to you.
The sky flashed so many times, it was as if it wanted to take my photograph, like some kind of dysfunctional photo booth. I waited in awe, in the rain, at the bus-stop, listening to the sky, which had replaced my MP3 player, with gorgeously loud roars and crackles as music. The boy with blonde hair seemed to be looking at me, perhaps wondering why I was staring up at the sky and grinning.

I ate ice-cream as I wandered home, concluding once again that it does taste better in a thunderstorm.

The sun returned quickly and then the blue sky, but perhaps it will look dark over Will's mother's again soon.


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