This is apparently the oldest tree in London.

Tube Walk 82 was from Harrow & Wealdstone to Kenton. Before this, I have to admit that I was not really aware of these stations, which are situated at the end of the Bakerloo Line. I was on a train with some young boys, who were talking about science related things, and said "your heart is always the same temperature". One of them was quite keen to swap brains with a woman who was presumably his mother, so I was imagining Freaky Friday was about to start.

The sun shone brightly as [ profile] miss_newham blew the whistle to mark the beginning of the Tube Walk. We followed [ profile] hoshuteki past a plaque commemorating smashed up guitars, and after a while found ourselves in a park, and then onwards to a cemetery where every status had lost its head, and down a dirt track otherwise known as a country walk, and past some heads in a window. We also read the complete history of the area in pictorial form, and attempted skiing in one of the parks. Eventually, the [ profile] tubewalkers reached Kenton, and visited the Beefeater for much needed cool drinks.

Glassblowing IndustryThe WhoSmashed up guitar sparkles
Chiswick House
Sunday's tubewalk was 77: Gunnersbury to Kew Gardens. It was the 19th tubewalk I have been on, with the first being in July 2006. I forgot my badge as usual. It was a pleasant walk, with people who I hadn't seen for years, and the sun shone some of the time. We walked through a street near to Gunnersbury tube station, where a street party was happening, and then there were parks, and the grounds of Chiswick House, where there was a strange memorial written in Latin for a dog and zombie-like statues. We wandered over bridges, and by the river, and at some point we ended up in a housing estate which had an odd green sculpture and aliens as street furniture.
Tube Walk 32 Collage
Santa's Ghetto on Oxford Street was where Joe and I headed on Friday to gaze at the limb vending machine, graffiti, space invader mosaics, Banksy paintings and various other art scattered about the temporary gallery. We wore enough black to be able to drink in the new Intrepid Fox after that and then danced the night away at Sin City.

Saturday was Tube Walk 32 from Brent Cross to Golders Green. Camera battery uncharged, cheese melting in left luggage at King's Cross, and words, words are too slow to write while walking. Therefore, I collected bits of old carpet, Alien Autopsy, tags for dog clothes, abandoned cassette tapes and CDs, flowers, leaves, words written by other people, bark, a Wink-Ease sticker, packaging for planes, and tore down a sign that said, "find your way there."


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