Oct. 21st, 2016 09:28 pm
I went to the KitKat Chocolatory shop with [ profile] deathboy and bought three kinds of KitKat! Raspberry, rose and hibiscus; butterscotch, pretzel and pecan; and rich cherry bakewell tart.

This is the raspberry, rose and hibiscus one:
Raspberry, rose and hibiscus KitKat


Oct. 24th, 2011 06:43 pm
Items of food containing chocolate consumed over the weekend:

1. Beetroot brownies at the Marquis Cornwallis in Bloomsbury.
2. Marmite chocolate (purchased from Robert Dyas).
3. Sticky toffee pudding liquid nitrogen ice-cream, with chocolate sauce and white chocolate bits, at Chin Chin Laboratorists in Camden.
Traffic Light Tree
It snowed that day, and as I waited for [ profile] fluffymark at East India, I stared out of the window at the view of skyscrapers and snow, thinking of how it reminded me of Vancouver.

It was cold outside as we walked towards Trinity Buoy Wharf and I snacked upon the space food I'd bought at Cybercandy the day before: a freeze dried cookies & cream ice-cream saucer. I had also bought a Japanese chestnut KitKat and a packet of Canadian chocolate fudge clodhoppers. [ profile] fluffymark bought Australian tim-tams, a Japanese red apple KitKat and some kind of great sounding energy drink. We managed to resist the Zotter chocolate, which came in many flavours, such as "bacon bits","cheese-walnut-grapes" and "sweet potato-mocha-rosemary".

In the street leading to the wharf, the lamp-posts were decorated. Ants were painted to crawl around the base of one lamp-post and another had traffic cones taped near the top. One lamp-post was pink and another was like a totem pole, with faces, and the strangest was perhaps the one with an arch hanging upside down from it.

As we reached Trinity Buoy Wharf, a girl who had been playing the guitar prior to our arrival greeted us, from the information centre. We wandered past and came across Container City- a colourful block of flats made from recycled shipping containers. Opposite that stood Fatboys Diner, but it was closed. Next to the diner stood a small hut marked, "The Faraday Effect".

Further on was the lighthouse, London's only lighthouse. It's only open on the first weekend of the month, but inside it, if you climb to the top, you can hear Longplayer, a "1000 year long piece of music".

We headed to Canary Wharf after that, to drink Cadbury's Creme Egg milkshakes and to stare at the Traffic Light Tree. We just about managed to avert our eyes from the Olympic flame as it passed.

Photos on Flickr: Trinity Buoy Wharf.


Mar. 28th, 2007 03:17 pm
York Minster
York Minster
The smell of chocolate drifts around York, between the city walls and the snickelways and through the Shambles, the Shrine of Margaret Clitherow and the birthplace of Guy Fawkes.

Last year, I visited Hull for the first time and found that the overwhelming scent of cocoa filled the air there also (even if it is said to be more sinister). I wonder how many other towns there are that smell of chocolate as you roam the streets? I imagine there must be lots of other chocolatey towns and villages, that I am unaware of and do not even vaguely suspect.

In York, I ended up searching for drinks (to take to [ profile] renegade_badger's party) in the Evil Eye Bottle Shop. Inside the shop were tiny bottles of absinthe and a variety of cigars, beers of many flavours and a cobwebbed and dusty bottle of Rochester Rum and Raisin. One of the bottles had two stickers, each containing the words "forever changes" and different prices, but later I felt the need to stick the labels on my arm as a reminder to myself.


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