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Vilnius and surroundings:
I walked through the remains of a maze made from television sets, with a fallen statue of Lenin in the middle, at a sculpture park, near the centre of Europe. I walked inside a giant head, made of rusting metal, in the forest. I walked around a pond and frog after frog hopped into the water, and that seemed magical. I saw a rocking house, teetering on the edge of a pond. I played a tree as if it were a guitar.
I visited the Republic of Užupis and read their constitution, which includes, "a dog has the right to be a dog." I saw a mermaid by the river.
I thought I had gone the wrong way, but it turned out to be the right way, as it led me to fantastic views.
I watched butterflies flutter next to the barricades.
I saw a wall with teapots on it.
I ate poppyseed strudel and mushroom biscuits (sausainiai grybukai.)
I drank coffee in the revolving restaurant at the top of the TV Tower, listened to the creaking, and admired the scenery.

In Riga, I looked at spy cameras in the Photography Museum, visited the market in a former zeppelin hangar, drank black balsam, saw a plaque for the first new year's tree, stared up at cats on the Cat House, visited Cafe Leningrad and looked at old cassette players. I walked by the river and stared up at the TV tower and the bridge. I saw an oak tree that grew 3500 years ago, at about the time when Pharaoh Tutankhamen was the ruler of Egypt. I ate black balsam chocolate and saw a monument of a monkey cosmonaut. I stared up at horrified faces, lions, dogs and mythical winged creatures, on buildings in the art nouveau district.

I spent time with my mum, ate hot cross buns, walked by the river in sunny Richmond, got the ferry across from Ham House, and enjoyed returning to a freshly painted bathroom and bedroom in my flat.

I went to Now Play This, at Somerset House, and bit a person's neck just before the world ended, in "Queers in love at the end of the world." (A text adventure.) I also played a game of crazy golf which was about environmental disasters, so one of the holes was at an airport, another amongst nuclear reactors, etc. I became an elm tree and then an oak tree, made cats appear in a forest, helped someone find a giant penis in a strange game where you to had to run around a body, caught ghosts with mirrors, and oh, played various other games.

I walked along the north bank, and into the city, playing Ingress, and then later found the nose at Admiralty Arch, and ate balsamic vinegar ice-cream and blackberry & lavender ice-cream.

I wandered around Brockwell Park and saw one of the great trees of London, the Brockwell Oak.

I stared at photographs by Martin Parr and Roger Mayne in the Photographers' Gallery, and saw the photos that were part of the Deutsche Börse prize.

In the Carroll/Fletcher Gallery, I played the game of Space Invaders where you fire at passages taken from Michel Foucault’s essay What is an Author? (1969) . I also saw stolen fragments from works of art and tried making shapes from the ZOOB play system. (Exhibition: Looking at One thing and thinking of something else – part 4.)

I watched birds fluttering in front of me and it felt quite magical. (Exhibition: Mat Collishaw – The Centrifugal Soul in the Blain Southern gallery.)

I had drinks at Pub Standards and then afterwards we ate burritos and went to the Reverend J W Simpson and drank cocktails.

I saw Hidden Figures at the cinema with [personal profile] doseybat, and then we ate dim sum with [personal profile] pplfichi and Sue, and went to Foyles and amused ourselves by learning how to say explicit terms in different languages.

I went to Here East, for 64 Bits – An exhibition of the web's lost past. I printed out a picture of myself on ASCII-cam. I browsed the first website, used Archie, and looked at old web comics, ASCII art, animations, and other things that made me feel nostalgic. I didn't really want to be reminded of the hamster dance though.

I ate lime and basil flavour ice-cream, and maron flavour.

I organised a Monochrome BBS Meet and caught up with old friends there.

I looked at portraits at the Riverside Gallery in Richmond.

I went to the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) movie night and saw video clips about magical musical instruments, virtual reality, drones and other things.

Essex, Kent, Sussex:

I visited Harlow to gaze at its sculptures, and also took a walk by the canal there.

I walked along the beach at Bexhill, and visited the De La Warr Pavilion and saw pictures of woods by George Shaw, and crawled under a blanket in the “In a dream you saw a way to survive and you were full of joy” exhibition.

I visited Eynsford and walked amongst the bluebells and they were lovely, and I was in awe.

I watched morris dancers at the Sweeps Festival in Rochester, and visited Rochester Castle.


I went to the monthly Enlightened social.

I went to an Ingress meet in Twickenham and we had drinks at the Barmy Arms and walked by the river.

I walked around Victoria, completing the Victoria Station banner with other Ingress players and ate pastiera napoletana flavour ice-cream.

I also went to a meet in Brixton and a meet in Waterloo.

I completed banners in Vilnius and Riga, and at Europos Parkas.
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