Aug. 9th, 2017

Enlightened Bunting

I stood in a disused warehouse, which once stored rum and tobacco, amongst a crowd of mannequins, watching videos flash by.

In a Masonic temple, I wore headphones and watched a video installation about Crowley and Thelema and sex magic.

I went to the anime architecture exhibition at the House of Illustration with [personal profile] doseybat and [personal profile] pplfichi.

I ate charcoal coconut ice-cream, which was grey in a black cone, and that felt apocalyptic somehow.

I went to Hipchips with [personal profile] deathboy and ate fancy crisps, with strawberry, cream & Pimms dip, and gooseberry, elderflower & Gordon's gin dip, and smokey cheese fondue dip, and I drank a bottle of pear and rosemary drink.

I went to the New Music Biennial at the Southbank Centre and there were songs from Hull, I remember that.

I went on a tube walk from Royal Albert to Beckton Park and also visited the Newham City Farm and listened to turkeys gobble.

I went to the monthly Pub Standards and had drinks and conversations with web folk.

I played on the swing at St Pancras.

I went to see Daniel Kitson at the Roundhouse with [personal profile] deathboy.

I went through a fridge to get to the bar at the Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town. I also saw some of the sculptures in the city and I got confused and thought a man lying on the grass was a sculpture, when actually it was a human being. It took me a while to stop laughing after that.

I made jewellery out of concrete at a class at Craft Central.

I went to [personal profile] pir's party and it was great to talk to people there.

I went to see the Dreamers Awake – women and surrealism exhibition at the White Cube.

I ate avocado nitro ice-cream with fried corn from Chin Chin Dessert Club.

I saw Music for Solaris at the Barbican.

I gatecrashed [personal profile] deathboy's work do and played Dance Dance Revolution at Namco.

I visited the V&A with [profile] grandedgemaster one evening, for Hack. Make. Create, and an algorave was happening there.


I helped organise the Enlightened Summer BBQ. It went ahead despite the rain, and I danced to Sisters of Mercy to keep warm. I made Enlightened bunting and we draped it around and ate much halloumi. Then we played board games in a pub.

I got the Onyx trekker badge, which meant I have walked 2500km while playing Ingress!


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